How to Have a Pure Heart?

Author: Heny  |  Category: The Secret of Happiness

Pure heart occurs and comes from faith in God. To get a detailed explanation about the happiness and pure hearts, you can order E-Book titled “My Life My Happiness,” in it contains the “key to achieving happiness.” Also as a grip to get the full love of God, so they can understand the mystery of human life to be accepted in accordance with what God wills. We recommend that more people prayed for God to give grace and wisdom to us humans, because of the grace of God is, human may be easier to achieve the purity of heart, to cleanse his / her heart with a sincere, clear his / her mind, so that from a clear heart and clean mind, will gave birth to ideas that are positive, have a plan and purpose in life is good and positive because it constituted with full faith in God.

So many benefits that we get from a pure heart, because of the purity of heart, the man can think more positive, more receptive to the realities of life, easy to accept the shortcomings of others, easy to forgive, to accept and perform tests that come from God, so human can attain a total surrender to God. With pure and sincere heart and total submission to God this man can achieve “Top of Happiness,” together with God, because if human beings can do this, then he can find and reach the heart of God and love of God the Most Perfect.

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